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19: What's Wrong With the Research About Nutrition? | Ashley Kitchens, RDN, LDN

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If you’re wondering about what a holiday meal looks like without the animal as the centerpiece, or the side items dripping in butter or cream, then this guest has gotcha covered!

Today we are chatting with Ashley Kitchens, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, and Nutrition Coach who takes a holistic approach to creating lifelong wellness for her clients. She earned her Masters of Public Health and Nutrition from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is the founder of Plant Centered Prep where she empowers individuals to live a healthier, more plant-based lifestyle. Ashley believes that a positive outlook on life combined with a positive relationship to food produce the energy and vitality necessary to fuel a joyful life.

Although she grew up on an Angus cattle farm in Indiana where meat was a central part of her diet, she has an infectious enthusiasm for eating plant-based and helping others make the shift, too. When she’s not checking in with clients, on the road visiting nursing homes, or meal prepping for the week, you might find her walking her dogs in downtown Durham, sweating it out at a CrossFit session, or making delicious, plant-based dishes for friends and family.

In this chat, we get into:

  • How Ashley reversed her chronic GI issues that caused her incredible discomfort, bloating, fatigue and constipation for sooo many years of her life
  • As a dietitian, her take on - what she calls ‘headliner’ diets - and what the research consistently shows regarding proper nutrition
  • She provides clarity on which carbohydrate-rich foods are ok for diabetics - I can tell you it’s not the conventional wisdom that you are probably familiar with hearing
  • And, some incredible tips for anyone just starting down the plant-based path...and even if you’ve been traveling this road of transition for a while, I think you’ll still get some great insights from Ashley that you might not have thought about before!

Plus, we dish up ideas for Thanksgiving and discuss some of the challenges that often pop up for new vegans during the holidays.

Ashley is speaking at Remedy Food in Portland, OR on Nov. 7, 2019:

For more about Ashley Kitchens:



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