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ECHA's committees in focus: Tim Bowmer reflects on 11 years as Chair, PFAS restrictions, and future outlook

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Episode notes

Welcome to the Safer Chemicals Podcast, where we delve into the world of chemical risk management. In this episode, we speak with Tim Bowmer and Maria Ottati, Chairs of ECHA's Risk Assessment and Socio-Economic Analysis Committees. 

They update us on the universal PFAS restriction proposal, an ambitious initiative to minimise the release of persistent chemicals. Tim Bowmer also reflects on his impressive 11 years as Chair and sheds light on the evolving regulatory landscape. 

Join us as we explore the latest developments and discuss the future challenges faced by ECHA's committees.

What the committees do

The two committees prepare scientific opinions that are used by the European Commission and EU Member States when deciding how chemical risks need to be controlled. They are made up of scientists from EU Member States and have observers from EU organisations that represent different sectors and interests.

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