Six more entries revealed including Spain, Norway, and Ukraine!

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Episode notes

On this episode of Éirevision, Conor and Lou finally get the chance to discuss six more entries which have been revealed over the last few weeks. These songs come from Slovenia, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain, Malta, and Ukraine.

During their chat, Conor and Lou discuss the standard of Luxembourg's national final, KEiiNO's failed attempt in Norway's Melodi Grand Prix 2024, Spain's poor selection of songs in Benidorm Fest, Malta's MESC 2024 decline, and the successful display of Ukrainian music and culture in Vidibir 2024.

The acts and songs discussed in this episode are as follows: Slovenia: Raiven - 'Veronika', Luxembourg: Tali - 'Fighter', Norway: Gåte - 'Ulveham', Spain: Nebulossa - 'ZORRA', Malta: Sarah Bonnici - 'Loop', and Ukraine: Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil - 'Teresa and Maria'.

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