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#617 — John Krasinski, Ben Schwartz

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Episode notes

This week's episode of the Empire Podcast asks the question: 'what if an interview started off the rails and went from there?' And answers it with a tremendously fun and, at times, utterly chaotic, interview between our Chris Hewitt and John Krasinski, writer/director/star of new fantasy movie IF. To listen to the most expensive interview of all time, go to 23:18 (approx). More fun and chaos can be found in our other interview this week [1:06:32 - 1:21:52 approx), as Chris sits down on Zoom with Ben Schwartz to talk about his improv show, Ben Schwartz And Friends, which is at the Royal Albert Hall this Sunday (May 19). Tickets on sale now at and (And this is an excerpt from the 45-minute Ben Schwartz special, which is currently available in your podcast feed) Either side of those, Chris is joined in the podbooth for more fun and chaos by Helen O'Hara and James Dyer, as they discuss Dune: Prophecy, sports that deserve good movies (and yes, we are aware of Billy The Kid & The Green Baize Vampire, we just didn't mention it), the week's movie news, including Downton Abbey 3, Galactus casting, and the sad passing of the legendary Roger Corman, and review IF, Horde, Mother Of The Bride, and Tiger Stripes. Enjoy.