The Empire Film Podcast

#621 — Richard Linklater, Stephen Fry

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Episode notes

This week's episode of the Empire Podcast invites you to settle into a pair of cracking interviews — first, Ben Travis has a sit-down [22:48 - 42:49 approx] with Richard Linklater, director of the excellent Hit Man (now on Netflix), then Chris Hewitt has a bonny time with the wonderfully loquacious Stephen Fry, star of this week's drama, Treasure. [1:06:39 - 1:26:31 approx] By the way, Fry quotes a movie at one point, and we could give you a thousand guesses and we reckon you'd still not get it. Then, Chris — now free of the gammy leg — enters the podbooth and runs rings round Helen O'Hara and James Dyer (literally, not metaphorically) as they discuss the best sunglasses in the movies, a ton of movie news including the Paddington In Peru trailer and the potentially perilous state of being for the MCU's Blade, and review Inside Out 2, Freud's Last Session, Ama Gloria, and the year's barmiest film, Sasquatch Sunset. After all, a Sasquatch's gotta know its limitations. Enjoy.