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Sands Film Festival 2024 Special ft. Joe & Anthony Russo, Debra Zane, Alan Silvestri & Ania Trzebiatowska

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Episode notes

The St. Andrews International Film Festival — or Sands, for short — is now in its third year, bringing some amazing films and filmmakers to the beautiful Scottish town of St. Andrews. It's already something of a tradition for the Empire Podcast's Chris Hewitt to pop up there and have a natter with some of those filmmakers, including Joe Russo, who is one of the festival's chief benefactors. This year, Joe brought his brother Anthony with him for a special screening of Welcome To Collinwood and a Q&A with that film's producer, and the brothers' mentor, Steven Soderbergh, and in this podcast, Chris sits down with the Russos to talk about their experiences on that film, the advance of A.I., nearly killing Spider-Man, and much, much more. But that's not all – this is a Sands special, folks, and within you'll also find Chris chatting with top casting director Debra Zane, Sands Festival Director Ania Trzebkiatowska, and Alan Silvestri, the legendary composer of Back To The Future, Predator, Forrest Gump, and Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. And yes, they do talk about Portals. With something for everyone, this is a cracking podcast special for a cracking new festival. Enjoy.