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Ben Schwartz: An Empire Podcast Interview Special

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Episode notes

Ben Schwartz isn't just a terrifically funny actor (he's Jean-Ralphio in Parks & Rec, for the love of Pete!), insanely gifted VoiceOver artist (he's the voice of Sonic, for the love of Knuckles!), writer (he helped write dialogue for C-3PO in J.J. Abrams' Star Wars movies, for the love of Babu Frik!) and all-round geek. He's also one of the greatest improvisational comedians on the planet, and he's bringing his incredible improv show, Ben Schwartz And Friends, to the Royal Albert Hall in London on Sunday May 19, for the love of Queen Victoria! And so our Chris Hewitt felt it was a simply capital time to fire up the old Zoom and head straight into an extended, epic, and very funny conversation with Schwartz about improv, about what people can expect from Ben Schwartz And Friends when they buy tickets via or, about his IMDb trivia and mini bio, about voicing Sonic, and his time spent working on Star Wars. Oh, and much more, obviously. Enjoy.