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#616 — Josh O'Connor, Owen Teague, Freya Allan & Kevin Durand, Michael Lindsay-Hogg

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Episode notes

Another guestapalooza on this week's Empire Podcast, folks! First up, Chris Hewitt has a lovely chat with Josh O'Connor — not about his talk-of-the-town tennis movie, Challengers, but his new film, Alice Rorhwacher's La Chimera, for which O'Connor learned Italian and, effectively, manifested into his life by way of a letter. [20:12 - 35:25 approx] Then, Dan Jolin, our very own Planet Of The Apes expert, sits down with Owen Teague, Freya Allan, and Kevin Durand, the lead trio of the new movie, Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes, for a chaotic chat about rapping apes, deadly spiders, and bare feet. [58:00 - 1:14.05 approx] And finally, Chris has a heartfelt talk with Michael Lindsay-Hogg, the director of the legendary Beatles documentary Let It Be, which is getting a wide release on Disney+ this week after years of being placed on the shelf. [1:39:45 - 1:53:05 approx] Either side of those is a fun episode in which Chris is joined in the podbooth by Helen O'Hara and James Dyer, as they discuss the best films to be adapted from TV shows, review all three of the aforementioned movies plus Jerry Seinfeld's Unfrosted, and tackle most of the week's movie news, including the announcement of a Lord Of The Rings movie directed by and starring Andy Serkis. They'll talk Ralph Ineson as Galactus next week, fear not. Enjoy!