THE RADICAL CASE FOR CARE – Meet world-leading rebel economist Jayati Ghosh

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Max and Nabil interview the world-leading, award-winning, rebel Indian economist Jayati Ghosh. In this fast-paced and inspiring interview Jayati makes the radical case for care – and tells us what she really thinks about all those politicians around the world talking a good talk about gender equality.

Around the world women and girls put in billions of hours of unpaid care work each day – that’s the cooking, the cleaning, the caring for children, sick and the elderly. We ask Jayati: how is this at the heart of the global inequality crisis? Why’s it so hidden? And what can be done about it? 

We challenge Jayati on why she isn’t celebrating all the apparent economic progress the world has made in recent decades – especially for women in work around the world? 

And at a time of real worry about a jobs apocalypse on the horizon with automation and a new age of robots on the rise – what does Jayati, an expert on the future of work, think we can do for workers around the world? Why is she feeling so hopeful right now? 

Jayati Ghosh is one of the world's leading economists. She is Professor of Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, Executive Secretary of International Development Economics Associates, and a member of the Independent Commission for the Reform of International Corporate Taxation.

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Hosted by Max Lawson and Nabil Ahmed.