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Achieve Equine Overview Show #2: The Storming Success of the Swiss

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Episode notes

🎙️ Dive into the action with our latest Achieve Equine Overview Show 🌟

Join us as we break down the intense competition between the top show jumpers in the world. We spotlight the ongoing rivalry between the Swiss and the Swedes, with an in-depth analysis of stars like Steve Guerdat, Martin Fuchs, and Henrik von Eckermann. Discover how Dynamix de Belheme is emerging as a serious contender against King Edward, and get the latest updates on standout performances from Fontainebleau and Windsor.

With expert insights from our hosts, Sam Charlotte and Diarm, this episode covers the thrilling highs and strategic plays shaping the 2024 season. Whether you're a die-hard fan or new to the sport, this is your essential guide to the top names and upcoming events in show jumping.


This show is very kindly supported by Achieve Equine. 

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