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Reaching New Heights: Unpacking King Edward's New Elo Record

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Episode notes

Join us in this special reaction episode of the EquiRatings Jumping Podcast as we celebrate a monumental moment in equestrian sport: King Edward has not only clinched his second consecutive FEI World Cup Final, but he's also shattered his own record for the highest Elo rating ever achieved in jumping.

Sam and Charlotte discuss the significance of their 819 Elo rating, what sets King Edward apart from other legendary horses, and what this means for the future of equestrian sports.

With expert analysis and a close look at their performances, we provide a comprehensive overview of this unprecedented achievement. Tune in to explore how King Edward has redefined greatness in the equestrian world.


🎙️ Your Hosts: Meet Charlotte Smet and Sam Watson, the EquiRatings team, who spend their time deep in number-crunching for new insights on the equestrian world.

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