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Masterminding a successful professional and personal life - S504 (2022)

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Episode notes

Season 5 Episode 4 Masterminding a Successful Professional and Personal Life Please enjoy my Podcast - Events for Breakfast. This is a bite size edition to help you to digest the information easily and expand your knowledge in all thing’s events. Anna-Marie Trzebinski is a hugely successful business owner and creative event director for AMT Events, the founder of the online UK Events Professionals Community and a very proud mummy. During this episode, we delve into how she set up a highly successful business, whilst juggling her time running her online community and being a super hero mum. Listen to this episode for tips around time management, dedication and drive and inspiration from a super successful business woman! Show Notes: Host - Kelly Frew, Story Maker Events Guest – Anna-Marie Trzebiński, AMT Events Find out more about Anna-Marie here - To find out more about the Events for Breakfast Podcast visit: You can connect with the podcast community and host here: