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Bigger, Faster, Better 04 – UK vs Finland on heat networks

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Episode notes

To achieve net zero, we’re going to need to talk about – and tackle – domestic heating. One of the best ways to cut carbon in this area is district heating, providing warmth from a central point and distributing this around a neighbourhood. Costs are fairly high but a government push, perhaps involving some degree of bundling for distributors, offers a way forward. 

The UK is only at the start of its district heating steps, but Finland relies on this technology for around half its heating stock. Expansion for both countries must come with the right mix of decarbonised heat, though. 

Tackling these questions in the fourth episode of Bigger Faster Better, Charles Robson, partner at the series’ sponsor Womble Bond Dickinson, and Annukka Saari, a senior specialist from Finland’s department of energy, get together to drill into the big heating question. 


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