Insane In The Fem Brain

Nicola Stephen

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Rich Wilson talks to comedian and podcaster Nicola Stephen Twitter @nicolaisfunny and insta is @nicolastephenisfunny). SEE LIVE COMEDY in Tunbridge Wells OR on “Facebook Live”, Thursday 17th June, with Rich Wilson, Jen Brister (Live At The Apollo), Alex Lowe (AKA Clinton Baptiste from Phoenix Nights) and Aimee Cooper. Stand up (with actual standing up). Tix also available to be in the audience at the Forum, Tunbridge Wells. SIGN UP FOR PRIORITY ACCESS TO BOTH THE IN-PERSON TICKETS AND LIVE STREAM TICKETS HERE | T shirts and hoodies from our podcast supporter Save Our Souls. Go to and use the 15% discount code MENBRAIN. If you haven't already, please subscribe to the original podcast Insane In The Men Brain at and you can find more media related info on all of our podcasts titles at Producer Paul's website For our Patreon supporters page please go to Thank you for listening.   

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