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From Healthcare to Horticulture: Máiréad Costin of Garraí Mara organic farm

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Episode notes

Meet Máiréad, a beacon of inspiration in the realm of Irish organic horticulture and a proud representative of the increasing number of female farmers in Ireland. Entering into the world of organic farming during a career break from healthcare in 2017, Máiréad has since cultivated not just crops, but a vision: Garraí Mara. It's more than just a farm; it's a testament to Máiréad's dedication to health promotion, mental well-being, and sustainable farming practices. As someone who understands the profound healing power of nature and the importance of consuming fresh, organic produce, Máiréad has intertwined her expertise from her healthcare days and her passion for farming. And in the heart of the Gaeltacht, she's also keen on promoting the Irish language, making her endeavors at Garraí Mara a blend of culture, health, and food sustainability.