Food Done Right

Global Shocks, Local Impact

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Episode notes

A fascinating panel discussion from GIY’s Harvest festival where four experts in food production and sustainability discuss the global issues that have been affecting us in recent years. They reflect on how the COVID-19 Pandemic, the War in Ukraine and Climate Change have impacted our food systems and they explore what we can do to become more resilient and diverse in our local food systems.

 Our panellists were:

John Gibbons - Environmental commentator, Irish Times Columnist and weekly contributor to The Last Word with Matt Cooper’s on Today FM.

Steve Collins - Medical Doctor, with a PhD in Nutrition. Steve won a MB for his Humanitarian work in Africa and had recently returned to Ireland and is now growing Aronia Berries on a mountainside in West Cork.

Kitty Scully - Writer, presenter, and well-known Gardener. Kitty has recently been to South Africa as part of her study and research in Regenerative Agriculture. She is also Co-ordinator of Organic Growers Ireland.
Richard Mee - Our own Head Grower GIY HQ. Richard has accumulated over 40 years of growing experience. He studied for a BSc in Horticulture at Reading University and an MSc in Organic Farming at the Scottish Agricultural College. In addition to the UK and Ireland, Richard has grown veg all over the world, including Central America and Africa.