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Episode notes

All hail the mighty Meatball! Oh, hello. This is the Football Fives Podcast calling. We're back, in a manner of speaking. The weekly podcast is a thing of the podpast - you already know that, right? - but in the spirit of avant-garde pod publishing we are going to keep going and adhere to no structure whatsoever. Hurrah!

This week's episode was supposed to be a round-up of listener questions. Thank you for sending those in. We haven't used them. Ryan Keaney hijacked this comeback and turned it into an entirely unexpected (seriously) PUB QUIZ! episode in which Daniel Storey, David Hartrick and Chris Nee merely attempt to retain their dignity. Mission not accomplished.

Some pod-sonal news: we've signed Steven Chicken as well. You know, Football FIVES and that. He's not on this one. Welcome aboard, Stevie Chicks.