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14. Natasha Vernier, CEO & Co-founder of Cable - Building a Company as You Build Your Family, Creating a Diverse Cap Table, The Operating System of Cable’s Culture, and Why It Pays Off to Be Kind

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Episode notes

With me today is Natasha Vernier, CEO & Co-founder of Cable. Natasha was on the Monzo scale up journey as employee number 17 to over 2000 people, on their journey from 100 to over 4.5 million customers. She has now founded her own company - Cable.

Building a Company as You Build Your Family

  • Decision to Found the Company
  • IVF and Term Sheets
  • The Mental Journey of New Mom & Founder Life in COVID
  • How You Survive the Tough Moments
  • Your Partner As Your Cheerleader

The Founder Mindset

  • What She Learned on the Monzo Scale Up Journey
  • Lots of Ways to Start a Company
  • Harnessing Value from Early Angels & Investors
  • Anybody can do it! Let’s Solve Diverse Problems
  • Importance of the Right Cofounder Choice
  • Cable Culture & Operating System
  • Why Being Kind Matters
  • Translating Values and Principles into Behaviros & Actions
  • Delighting Consumers
  • What Surprised Her most about the Founder Journey

Diversity & Inclusion in Tech

  • Changing the Narrative to get a Diverse set of Founders
  • Building a Diverse Cap Table
  • Why the “Friends & Family” Round Shouldn’t Be a Thing
  • Lowering Angel Minimum Check Size for Diverse Investors

Buildign Cable's diverse cap table

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