Founders Uncut: Real Startup Stories

15. Jamie Hale, CEO & Co-founder of Ladder - Earn the Right to Work on the Next Challenge, Tough Decisions on Your Shoulders - Layoffs and How to Handle, Being the Shock Absorber for the Company, Wisdom in what may be hard to hear and Joy from Work

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Episode notes

With me today is Jamie Hale, CEO & Co-founder of Ladder, which has issued over $50BN in life insurance and raised over $100 million. Hear from him on:

The Founding Journey

  • Jamie’s Recurring Nightmare as a Founder 
  • Feeling Alone Even if you Aren’t 
  • Who is Your Cheerleader?
  • Shock Absorber for the Company
  • Mindset of Getting Better Everyday
  • The Feedback Vacuum
  • Choosing the Right Cofounder 
  • Getting Your Teeth Kicked in Everyday

Key Learnings

  • Tough Decision on Your Shoulders - Layoffs
  • Wisdom in What May Be Hard to Hear
  • Managing Board as a Distributed Boss
  • How to Get Feedback & Accountability as a Founder
  • How the CEO Role Changes over Time
  • The Difference between a CEO & a Founder
  • Husband/Wife Co-founding Teams

Maintaining the Culture

  • Mark the Moment & Celebrate 
  • Earned the Right to Work on the Next Challenge
  • Joy from Work - Applying Talent & Creativity to Problem Solving
  • The Scars from Failing and Getting it Wrong
  • Always Asking if You Are Right for the Job
  • Growing Talent Within
  • Board Culture

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