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13. Raj De Datta, CEO & Co-founder of Bloomreach - Coming Back from Near Death Company Experiences, Is the Planet You are On Inhabitable? Learning to Rely on Your Own Judgement, Things that are Worthwhile to Do are Hard

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With me today is Raj De Datta, CEO & Co-founder of Bloomreach and bestselling author. Bloomreach has over $100M in ARR, powers $400BN of ecommerce sales and has raised over $400M. But these are just the headlines. Listen to the real story on Founders Uncut. In this episode, you will hear more from him on:

Near Death Experiences 

  • When 25M ARR Just Isn’t enough
  • Telling Investors This Could Be a Zero
  • Realising what may be a False Dream
  • Culture is Tested In the Hard Times
  • Making Tough Decisions Early

Coming Back from Near Death

  • From $25M ARR back to $1M to over $100M in 6 years
  • Is the Planet you are Inhabiting Repairable or Uninhabitable 
  • Finding another Planet while keeping Employees & Investors with You
  • Growing for 5 years without Raising - Revenue Based Growth
  • Hero to Zero and Zero to Hero overnight

The Founder Mindset 

  • Why you have to be 100% in as the Leader
  • The Question you are not Allowed to Ask Yourself
  • Defining Himself as a Founder
  • Why You Don’t Want investors to have all their Eggs in your Basket 
  • Relying on Yourself - In the End it’s Your Judgement
  • Building Early Investor Relationships
  • Probability of Value Destroyer VC versus Value Add 
  • The Best Part of Being a Founder - There is Nothing You Can’t Do 
  • The Process of Writing a Book
  • Things that are Worthwhile are Really Hard 

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