Founders Uncut: Real Startup Stories

12. Charlie Delingpole of Comply Advantage - Relentless Conviction, Failure is an Orphan and done in Silence, Let the Market Pull You, and Tough Decision at Silicon Roundabout

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Episode notes

With me today is Charlie Delingpole, Founder and CEO of Comply Advantage - the world's leading data technology company transforming financial crime detection Comply Advantage has raised over 100M, has over 1.5k clients and is 440 people today. Charlie is also an active angel investor and recently a new dad.

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The early days of company building

  • Running a lending company in a downturn/credit crisis
  • When what you think is a tech business is really garden furniture
  • The choice to use his own equity in a tough situation
  • Tough decisions made at Silicon Roundabout

Lessons from a serial founder

  • That feeling of o something to nothing
  • Best and worst part of being a founder 
  • Failure is an orphan and it’s done in silence 
  • Survivorship bias and learnings from failure
  • Relentless conviction 
  • Let the market fund the platform, not investors
  • Doing things right versus doing the right thing

Why take VC money

  • The right VC relationship
  • Want what you build to diffuse in society
  • Deliberate about choosing cofounder or capital partner
  • The intellectual promiscuity of angel investing
  • How angel investing affects him as an operator

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