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11. Damian Kimmelman of Batelle & Rho - Perfect vs Clear & Consistent Decisions, Default to “I am Probably Wrong”, Lean into Subjectivity, The Best Founders Know Their Scent, Surround Yourself with Kind People

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Episode notes

With me today is Damian Kimmelman, Co-founder of (, ( and Founders Pledge. Batelle trains parents how to put their children to bed in under 5 minutes and sleep through the night within 2 weeks, guaranteed...

Hear more from him on:

1) Decision Making in Startups

  • Driving to Consensus Versus Driving a Strategy
  • Perfect Decisions at the expense of Clear, Consistent Decisions
  • Frameworks for Decision Making

2) Information Theory - Lean into Subjectivity

  • The Shared Language of Decision Making
  • Default to “I am Probably Wrong”
  • What Actually Matters in a Startup
  • Navigating Culture across different types of hires

3) Diversity and the Value of Heterodox Opinions

  • What ACTUALLY matters in the startup journey
  • Long term Value Creation
  • Consistency in Leadership
  • Messaging to Company

4)The Founder Journey

  • What’s Misunderstood in the Founder Journey?
  • Navigating the Complexity of Dealing with people at scale
  • The Best Founders Know Their Scent
  • True Impact - Upstream Interventions
  • Why You Should Surround Yourself with Kind People

Book recommendations:

Decoding Reality - by Vlatko Vedral 

The Science of Can and Can't - by Chiara Marletto

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