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In this episode Kirt and Dan discussed:

  • Growing up in Trinidad
  • Coming to the US to study computer science in college at 16
  • What gives him empathy for the indie music creator
  • His spin on creating a music label
  • How music fits in the creator economy
  • His approach to the chicken-and-egg of building a marketplace

Episode Shout Outs:

Kirby Winfield - Ascend VC

Brick Lane Records

Steven Wolfe Pereira

5-star reviewer: Jessica, sySTEMic flow

Kirt Debique is the Co-Founder and CEO of SyncFloor, a company revolutionizing discovery and acquisition of music for productions of all types - from advertising to podcasting, filmmaking to fitness, TV to eSports.

Kirt is an entrepreneur and a renaissance man. A native of Trinidad, Kirt started college at sixteen. He passed on grad school at Stanford to work at Microsoft. His career there paralleled some of that company's major milestones, But after a successful 20-year stint at the tech giant, Kirt decided to take his career in a different direction. He founded Brick Lane Records, an Indie music label. He started Brick Lane with a set of principles that made the artist the priority - a key opportunity he recognized hanging out in the local Seattle music scene. Oh, and by the way, Kirt is also an artist on his label.

Today Kirt leads his own tech startup, SyncFloor, which is an amazing fusion of his expertise: music and technology. Listen in to hear more about Kirt startup journey.




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