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Episode notes

Journalist, poet and publisher / writer of media criticism newsletter Conquest of the Useless, Mic Wright guests on this episode. This is the last one of the current second season. Don't worry though, I'll be back with more great guests later in the year! 

Mic both works within the media, and makes a living critiquing it, through his newsletter and Twitter feed. Digital platforms have allowed all kinds voices to be heard, and fair criticism of our media industry is vital. On this episode, Mic tells me how he does it, how it impacts upon him and what advice he'd give to a new journalist. 

Find Mic on social media:

Twitter: @brokenbottleboy

Instagram: @brokenbottleboy

Mic mentions the journalist Henry Dyer on the episode, find him on Twitter here: @Direthoughts

If you would like 50% off a subscription to  Conquest of the Useless, use this link:

It expires on 31 July 2020, so you've got until the end of the week from launch day! 


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