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The future of work is everyone using their influence, with writer Lauren Razavi

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Episode notes

Lauren Razavi joins me on this episode to talk about the future of work, how writers can use influencer tools to benefit their careers and what the digital nomad lifestyle might look like post-COVID-19.

At a tricky moment when we're gingerly leaving lockdown and wondering how our offices are going to work (or, if you're freelance like me, if you'll ever get to work anywhere other than home, help!) it's helpful to speak to Lauren, who's spent a lot of her career writing and speaking about what work could look like in the years to come.

Having worked on content for Google and on the future of work for The Guardian, Lauren has seen how the internet can amplify what we do offline, and how technology has given us the chance to work and live in a location-independent way. Lauren herself has been a digital nomad, and she's been thinking about how that lifestyle will have to adapt to a wary, post-pandemic world.

We refer to the great Study Hall piece, The Writer as Influencer:

Lauren mentions this piece by Tiago Forte:

And here are some useful links on the filmmaker Ondie Timoner:

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