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ART Conference 2024: Building Communities

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Episode notes

It’s time to catch up with part two of the wide-ranging conversation on the future of ringing hosted by Cathy Booth at the recent Art Conference. Just like part one, the panel of Tina Stoecklin, Andrew Slade and Max Drinkwater don’t hold back from tackling the tricky questions! What does the CCCBR do for ringers? How can associations work with Diocese to target bell funds in churches that have a future? How do we empower younger ringers into leadership role and evolve structures that meet the needs of today’s ringers? And by younger we are of course talking under 50s!
Although many of the issues raised may seem familiar, some of the solutions suggested may be surprising. Is it time for ringers to professionalise, be ‘seen’ by the church community and show what skills and resources we can offer? Something to discuss later in the pub …
Top five takeaways

  • If you have received any complaints regarding bells under your care, and you need help and advice, email the Complaints Helpline at [email protected]
  • Encourage younger ringers into leadership roles. Not only will it refresh your tower’s perspective, but it will also enhance their CVs.
  • How strategic is your area with your bell maintenance funds? If you’re not already linked into the diocese then now’s the time to get together to make sure investment choices are strategic.
  • Has your Tower Captain got a role for life? Maybe it’s time to consider succession planning ready to implement a fixed-term policy.
  • If your association isn’t already tackling these big issues why not think about your own role in standing up, showing leadership, and ensuring the future of ringing.

Podcast team:
Anne Tansley Thomas
Emily Roderick
John Gwynne
Emily Watts
Cathy Booth

Ringing by:
The Cambridge Youths (supplied by David Richards) and for later episodes, The Liliputters Guild (supplied by Simon Edwards).