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David Smith: A Bell Ringing Tutor’s Uplifting Global Perspective

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Episode notes

In this episode, David Smith makes a much-welcome return to the podcast for another conversation with host Cathy Booth that’s brimming with insight.

Find out about about the differences between ringing associations in the UK and those in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. With David’s global ringing teaching experience there are plenty of anecdotes and observations, on all things teaching, learning and mentoring.

It’s also an episode that poses some philosophical questions about the nature of ringing associations and what it means, as ringers, to connect and belong. Associations may not be the future, but from David’s perspective, ringing itself has a very positive and promising outlook!

Top tips

  • A ringing course might not be for you, but why not think about offering to lend a hand and help out
  • Feeling brave? Why not ask another ringer you trust to observe your teaching session and ask for some constructive feedback
  • Check out the NorthWest ringing course website
  • Now’s a good time to update your website or social media so other ringers can easily find your tower and arrange a visit

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