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The Joy of Bells: New Ringers Reflect on Their New Obsession

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Episode notes

This episode sees host Cathy Booth catching up with three Ring for King recruits to find out what their first year of ringing has been like. And what a year it’s been!

Jessica, Lindsey and Andy have notched up an amazing collection of ‘firsts’ since starting their ringing adventure. First tower tour, first wedding ringing, first quarter peal and first striking competition have all been ticked off the list. Also worthy of note are their first ringing blisters!

Find out what they have found hard, what they have found easy and what’s helped. Turns out that ringing is not easy as it looks, but as they enthusiastically point out, if it is too easy, it’s not worth doing!

Top five takeaways

  • If you’re a novice ringer, pop into the beginners bell handling practice - it will make you realise how much progress you have made!
  • Looking for some reading material? Try out Steve Coleman’s books
  • If you fancy a challenge and love a list then give 50 ringing things a go
  • Inspired to learn to ring? Find out more at
  • On holiday? Fancy a ring? Dive into Dove’s guide to check out a tower and find the tower captain’s contact details

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