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Episode notes

Why do you ring in a gallery? Who were the ringers whose names are on the peal boards behind you? Where can you find an example of an art deco ringing association certificate?

Host Cathy Booth quizzes knowledgeable guests Chris Ridley and Gareth Davies about the amazing range of historical sources at your fingertips to help answer these questions and more.

Thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of Chris and the volunteers from the historical and archive working group of the CCCBR there are collections of just about everything - belfry artefacts, newspaper extracts, biographies, rolls of honour, badges, the lot!

Gareth goes on to give some great insight in how historians can make the most of these resources and what we can all do to promote them to the ringing historians of the future. All fascinating stuff.

I think they all deserve a certificate! Yes, there’s a collection of those as well …

Top 5 takeaways

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