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#165 P1 – Star Wars Is Stupid, And That’s Amazing: Live-Action Series, Canon Novels & Starting Up RuPalp’s Podrace With Klaudia Amenábar

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It’s time to talk about Star Wars! This week Mike is joined by one of five members of the RuPalp’s Podrace podcast and one half of The Mystery Spotcast; Klaudia Amenábar! As both Mike & Klaudia are Star Wars podcasters, have have a 2+ hour long conversation on all things Star Wars including Thrawn, Padmé, books, the force, comics, the movies, the stupidity of it all (in the best way) and so much more!

This week is part 1 of their conversation (part 2 is on Patreon now for all listeners), where the duo discuss how RuPalp’s Podrace got started, how Star Wars is stupid & camp but that’s what makes it so enjoyable, they then discuss the live-action TV series, how The Book of Boba Fett, Mandalorian & Kenobi compare. Mike & Klaudia then discuss Maul & Thrawn, the canon comics & novels that relate to them, the audiobooks they listen to, plus a ton of other Star Wars related topics!

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Next week part 2 will be released on this feed and in that, Mike & Klaudia talk about the Queen’s Trilogy by E.K. Johnston which all centers around Padmé & her handmaidens, they then discuss the Thrawn books and his character in the canon, certain characters created by Filoni who seem “untouchable” by other content creators, they also discuss Valance Nation, the importance of John Williams’ contribution to Star Wars and more – so be sure to come back next week, or go to!

Klaudia mentioned the Newcomers podcast with Nicole Byer & Lauren Lapkus, the Star Wars Music Minute podcast, as well as the animated shows Infinity Train and Dead End Park!

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