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#163 Pt 1 – Disney Discussions: Sequels No One Asked For: Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, Bambi II, Aladdin II: Return Of Jafar and Mulan II With Megan, Ria Carrogan & Spider-Dan

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Episode notes

THE DISNEY DISCUSSIONS PODCAST SERIES CONTINUES! Mike, Megan, Ria Carrogan & Spider-Dan return for another episode in their Disney Discussions series and this time the gang are tackling four sequels no one asked for! Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, Bambi II, Aladdin II: Return Of Jafar and Mulan II are the movies being discussed so our four hosts can question why these were made, how the characters change and most importantly; are they even worth watching?

If you missed it, go back and listen to their last episode of Disney Discussions; on ep 155 of GCC!

This week brings the first half of their conversation, where our four podcast-pals discuss Bambi II and Lion King II: Simba’s pride, questioning if there was any point to the sequels, if they’re worth watching, how the characters, animation & music is different, along with a huge variety of perspectives, funny moments and absolute nonsense!

Part 2 is available now to any supporters on Mike’s Patreon, but if you are happy to wait, tune in next week where the gang tackle Aladdin II: Return Of Jafar and Mulan II, they decide which of the four movies are the best and they then give a preview on what’s to come in the next episode of Disney Discussions, so be sure to check out Mike’s Patreon or subscribe to this feed to listen next week!

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