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#162 Pt 1 – Discussing Kenobi Before His Show: Gandalf Likeness, Reading Material & What We Are Expecting With Ben of Star Wars Timeline

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Episode notes

Mike speaks with Ben of the YouTube channel Star Wars Timeline, all about the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series, the character himself and much more!

In more detail, in part 1 of their chat, Mike starts by giving some background information on Kenobi before the Ben & Mike talk about what Kenobi as a character means to them, especially when they were first introduced to him, they confirm some of the Obi-Wan content that people may want to read (from both Canon & Legends), what they expect from the upcoming series and how it affects dialogue in A New Hope – this and many other aspects of Kenobi are discussed!

Part 2 will be out next week (but is already available on Patreon), where the duo’s discussion continues with their view on the importance of the series, which characters they’d like to see (& not see) and of how much screentime they have. They also compare the show to the previous Star Wars & Marvel shows on Disney+, their concerns for the show, how people should approach the show and more, so be sure to support the show on Patreon or tune in next week!

Ben also appeared on episode 149 of Genuine Chit-Chat (December 2021) so check that out if you haven’t already!

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