Girls Moving Mountains

Breaking the Barrier with Amy Morrison, Two-Time Women’s Pro Enduro National Champion, High School Teacher, and NICA Nevada League Head Coach

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Episode notes

In episode 6, we talk with Amy Morrison, who lives in Carson City, NV. Growing up in the midwest and with two brothers, Amy has an interesting athletic background that ranges from barefoot skiing to collegiate pole vaulting. After graduating from Clemson University, she took a job in pharmaceutical sales that involved a lot of travel. Eventually she ended up in the NorCal and Northern Nevada Territory, bought a bike, and traveled to work meetings with a bike on the back of her vehicle. After her workday, she would get out on her bike and explore the area.  In a roundabout way, this led to Enduro racing. Amy discovered she had a talent right away and found herself on the podium in her very first races. She started racing more seriously while also making a career change to become a high school teacher. Amy has now won two National Championships in the Women’s Pro Enduro and raced at the highest level for Enduro, the Enduro World Series. In addition to teaching and racing, Amy started a NICA team at Dayton High School, a small high school in the Nevada League. She has worked to give kids the opportunity to discover the joy of mountain bikes while finding balance for herself in the teams laid back, lets-have-fun approach.  GMM is funded by NICA National with support from Rapha Foundation, the Walton Family Foundation, and Continental Tires. Also, the folks at The Gravel Lot, another wonderful podcast, have spent countless hours helping us!

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