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Breaking the Barrier with Kaysee Armstrong

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Episode notes

In Episode 1, we talk with Liv Cycling racer Kaysee Armstrong. The conversation starts with Kaysee telling us about running and hiking the Rim2Rim2Rim in the Grand Canyon on Winter Solstice, an adventure she had finished the day before the recording alongside her fiancé. The conversation is the perfect starter as it embodies Kaysee: a lover of all things endurance and adventure!

We also talk about Kaysee’s racing in 2021 as well as her goals for 2022, which includes the Lifetime Grand Prix series. Kaysee has been on the Liv Factory team for years and has seen a lot of success with many podiums at high level races. What she enjoys most about the Liv team, however, is that they value her beyond racing and that they work endlessly to help get more girls and women on bikes. Cycling has impacted Kaysee’s life in such a positive way and she works hard to help spread the joy so that others can have a similar experience. Lastly, we talk about the youth cycling team she helped found and is still involved with in Knoxville, Tennessee. This episode is fun, cheerful, energetic, and really positive!

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