Girls Moving Mountains

Season 2, Episode 5: Creating Culture with Melany Lowe, Central Ohio Mountain Bike Organization, Lady Gnar Shredder, and Hardtail Queen

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Episode notes

In episode 5, we talk with Melany Lowe, who lives in Columbus, Ohio. Melany has infectious energy! She enjoys riding mountain bikes, is a board member for the Central Ohio Mountain Bike Organization (COMBO),  and is a member of the Lady Gnar Shredders. While the team has historically had a large group of road bikers, Melany has helped build the mountain bike side of the program. She is also known for riding her hardtail down super gnarly enduro trails!

Through COMBO, Melany has created something called “Women Crush Weekends.” WCW is meant to create community and friendships within the state of Ohio and beyond. Since the episode was recorded, the first event at Mike’s Bike Park has taken place and was a huge success! In fact, Jen attended and had a great time. Talking with Melany was really inspiring and this episode shows how much of an impact a leader can have on a group. Jen and Melany are already making plans for the Lady Gnar Shredders and COMBO to get involved with the Ohio NICA League GRiT program!

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