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111: Manifesting Secrets For Overthinkers

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Episode notes

Welcome to episode 111 - of course I couldn't let it go by without looking into this mystical number!

How do you interpret it?

For me, it's about spiritual awakening and finding a life of calling. When I glance at the clock and see 11:11 it serves as a subtle reminder of the law of attraction rules and good vibes magnetize good things.

It's a signal from the universe.

Whilst a big part of the law of attraction is positive thinking, that alone is not enough - you need to heed these signals and take action!

This can be easier said than done though, especially if you've grown up as an overthinker with a negative bias like I have. 

If you don't play your part, the law of attraction just won't work for you. And not getting results doesn't feel good.

It's easy to lean into the busy things that don't move us out of our comfort zone, but we need to lean into the real needle-pushing tasks that will propel us forward. Naturally, these are often the most challenging ones!

And of course, as a heart-centered coach, your brave action will not only benefit you, but also the clients looking to you for guidance.

The law of attraction doesn't mean you won't encounter difficulties - of course you will. But they are there for a reason - the lessons learned along the way. And when you create greater meaning behind them, they're a whole lot easier to challenge. 

If you are trying to tap into positivity to evoke the law of attraction, but it's not working because of negative thinking, trying to just think positive is NOT going to work!

However, looking at your goals to find the areas of deep resistance, and leaning into them to learn the lessons needed so you can move beyond them, WILL work. It's time to put on those big girl pants!

Let episode 111 be YOUR signal to do just that!

Enjoy the listen!


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