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108: Building Profit & Wealth With Dominique Mullally

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Episode notes

Have you come across the phrase Money Mindset? 

When I was in corporate I hadn't, but now I'm in the coaching sphere it's everywhere!

My Money Mindset is something I have to consistently work at. 

I love that money flows through my business with ease. Being able to invest in support allows me to grow it without efforting and I'm all about that feeling! But sometimes, especially when it comes to pricing my services, the subject of money can feel icky. 

This week's guest, Dominique Mullally, is a Profit & Wealth Strategist who helps ambitious entrepreneurs with the mindset & strategies to market & sell with conviction and ease but without the sleaze.

After 13 years in business and working as a consultant for corporates and SME’s, Dominique is on a mission to others build their businesses as highly profitable assets by maximising sales and profits to build real, sustainable wealth.

In this episode, you will learn:

>> How you can tell if you're going to make lots of money
>> How to align your pricing (and why you can't just double your prices overnight)
>> The importance of having a mission for your marketing
>> What makes an overnight success - and why we've been lied to

It's never too early to start viewing your business as a profitable enterprise and beginning your investment journey.

You are in business to make impact AND income!

Enjoy the listen!


You can find Dominique online over on Instagram and LinkedIn.


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