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106: How To Create Magnetic Brand Messaging To Attract Your Soul Clients

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Episode notes

This week I'm flying solo - going back to basics and talking all about a strategy I love called Brand EPICS™️.

In this episode you will discover exactly what Brand EPICS™️ stands for and why this is the first pillar of my brand messaging edge; the pillar that creates the most dramatic shifts. It redefines your business according to who YOU are.

So frequently we hear that in order to be a successful coach we need to really understand our clients - see what others are selling to them, what they will pay for, and do exactly THAT.

This can feel like a successful strategy and it's certainly something I relied on at first. But it's never going to light you up.

My business grew, but as it did I felt increasingly misaligned. After years of working in corporate and recognizing this feeling, I knew it had to stop.

It was time to reassess and realign. Time to review my experience, pain points and passions, to see WHY and WHO I was meant to serve.

Not the client. It starts with YOU.

I had been attracting clients who, whilst being lovely people, were not matched to me energy-wise - after delving into Brand EPICS™️ and realigning my energy, I magnetized the clients who truly matched my energy and reignited my passion for what I do. 

By uncovering what makes me, ME, and showing up with authenticity and without fear of judgment, I attracted my soul clients and some major shifts in myself and in my business.

Is it time for you to do this too?  Learn how in this episode!

Enjoy the listen!


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