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112: Energetic Business Growth With Gennye Lion

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Episode notes

Want to create more good energy to attract the clients you want to serve? This episode is for you!

Ever since I was in school, each September has given me that sense of a fresh start and now, as I approach the last quarter of the year as a solopreneur, I still feel that same renewed focus and energy.

On that note, in today's episode, I chat with Gennye Lion, one of my favorite spiritual coaches with an energetic focus.

Gennye supports ambitious coaches and catalytic healer women to package their spiritual gifts into transformational scalable group programs, unlock their fullest potential, balance life and business, and to achieve Self Mastery. She does this through her programs including Connected Soul Club and Business Success the Energetic Way.

Gennye discovered she was psychic at the age of 17 and is now all about the energy in business, not letting yourself be depleted at the expense of your work.

Fun fact - she was instrumental in deciding to change from Jo to Joanna (did you notice yet?!).

Changing my name is a simple move, but one that has made me feel more like me, and this is critical in both life and business. Bringing our full selves into our business allows us to address that pesky imposter syndrome and create true resonance with our soul clients.

Whilst this should happen with ease, that isn't always the case.

Sometimes we work hard and do all the things, but it just isn't working. This is down to an energetic imbalance.

If we don't address this, it can lead to us blocking the good energy and attracting the wrong clients. When we show up honestly and authentically, that's when the energy flows and we can uplevel.

In this episode you will learn:

- The importance of stillness in order to bring peace and clarity to your business journey

- The impact of clearing your energy field to lift and refocus you

- Why you shouldn't be hesitant to charge for your services - that's not the kind of energy you need!

- The power of surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded, energetic people

I have seen dramatic results from energy work, and I fully embrace the woo-woo of it! That's why I'm so thrilled to introduce you to Gennye.

It's time to boost that energy!

Enjoy the listen!


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