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Mystery Sleep Story - Father Brown and the Innocence of Israel Gow

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Episode notes

Listen tonight to the Mystery Father Brown detective short story called The Honour of Israel Gow.

Father Brown and his new friend Flambeau the reformed cat burglar and new private detective, go and investigate the death of Lord Glengyle at his Scottish castle 

They are there to help Inspector Craven of Scotland Yard solve the strange death and secretive burial of the late Earl, a secluded man who lived as a hermit with his servant, the silent Israel Gow. 

The Earl died and was buried in secrecy by Gow. The clues to the crime, if there has been a crime, are large in number and baffling. What is behind these odd and mysterious events?

This story is taken from the short story collection of The Innocence of Father Brown By G. K. Chesterton.

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