Happy Like Buddha with Adewale Adejumo

Eliminating Toxic Relationships and Situations From Your Life with MAHIMA

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Episode notes

In today's Happy Like Buddha Podcast, Adewale is joined by Meditation Master, Founder of The Mahima Mindset Academy and International Bestselling Author of The Inner Peace Formula. We are thrilled to welcome MAHIMA to the Happy Like Buddha Podcast.

In this interview, Adewale Adejumo and Mahima take a deep dive into her 7 step formula to help say goodbye to recurring toxicity in your life.

Mahima has shared the stage with top speakers like Kane & Alessia Minkus (Internationally rated Business Mentor), Vishen Lakhiani (Founder of Mindvalley, the worlds largest Personal Growth Platform) and Richard Branson (Entrepreneur, and Founder of the Virgin Group).  Mahima has lead a workshop at AFest alongside personal growth masters like Lisa Nichols (one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers) Marisa Peer (Best Selling Author, Speaker and Pioneering Hypnotherapist).

If you would like to join Mahima's FREE 21 Days Meditation challenge, visit this link: 21 Day Meditation Challenge. You can find Mahima on Social Media at the following link. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  

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