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Julian Ranger: Data’s New Age Of Consent

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“We are at peak complexity for data today.”


Julian Ranger is a former aeronautical engineer who turned his attention to the issue of personal data a decade ago: how can businesses and individuals manage the tidal wave of data that surges around each of us and threatens to engulf us? He founded the company with a simple philosophy: to put the individual firmly in the pilot’s seat with all the controls at hand to decide which data we want to share and with whom. 


In this episode of Health To Wealth, Julian discusses with Anni why we need more personal data sharing to create better services and products; and why the personal-centric approach is both ethically and technically desirable. Julian predicts that in five to ten years everyone will have a ‘digital twin’, and that will mean not just better physical and mental health outcomes from consensual sharing, but also an unprecedented sense of security and safety, as we each take charge of what is rightfully ours. 


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