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Ali Parsa: Telemedicine, A Booster For Healthcare Access

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“Cultural shift is the most fundamental part of using any technology”

Ali Parsa founded digital health company Babylon in 2013 with a simple mission: to make access to a doctor available to anyone with a mobile phone. Babylon has since floated on the Nasdaq stock market and become involved in important partnerships ranging from the UK’s NHS to the healthcare system in Rwanda. And during the Covid pandemic, one of Babylon’s cornerstone ideas was put to the test, as many people spoke to their doctor on a video call for the first time. 

In this episode of Health To Wealth, Ali explains that Babylon’s approach to providing healthcare today involves drawing on the vast amount of online information available, and automating diagnosis as well as direct interaction with physicians. The true revolution, he says, will come through preventative healthcare that will be tailored for the individual by systematically collecting and analysing their health data. What’s needed, says Ali, is a re-think whereby doctors are paid for keeping people healthy rather than simply treating them when they are sick. Technology may never be able to provide the personal touch of a human, but it can transform global access to good health.

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