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Emlyn Brown: Well-being In Under 10, 000 Steps

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“80% of our guests seek daily to improve their health and wellbeing.”

Emlyn Brown is the global vice president for Well-Being at Accor, and he and his team are responsible for launching the Health to Wealth programme – including this podcast series. Emlyn has vast experience in the hospitality sector, running health clubs and spa operations across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In his current role, he’s responsible for integrating well-being throughout customer journeys in all Accor brands and making wellness rise to the top of the company’s agenda. 


In this episode of Health To Wealth, Emlyn explains why Accor decided to commission the podcast series and how it is intended to help democratise the notion of wellness, and take it from an exclusive aspiration to one that everyone can engage with. He reflects on the holistic nature of wellness, touching the planet, society and the individual, and the interconnectedness of all the different dimensions of wellbeing, from technology to health, fitness and nutrition. Emlyn picks out some of his favourite moments from the series, and some of the key learnings, such as the importance of moving to a preventative health culture, the value that can be generated through measuring well-being, and the imperative for organisations of every kind to cater for well-being among employees and other stakeholders – especially with younger generations. And lastly, he talks about the power of well-being to transform – whether that be at an individual or company level.


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