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How to Live Together Sustainably OR How to [not] Watch the World Burn

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Episode notes

Welcome to Season 3 of the HERE.together podcast. This season we are upgrading the podcast so it serves you AND US better. 

Yeah, we did a sustainability study and realized the pod wasn’t thriving for us. Over the past two years, it’s been beautiful and uplifting to talk with all those amazing, smart people, and learn about personal growth, art, relationships, and even sex.

But we were quite frankly getting burned out creating weekly content. We love the topic and could talk about personal growth forever… but it just wasn’t enough to keep us going on an unrelenting weekly release schedule.

Over the course of the last few months, we realized that there was one Big Question that we talked about over and over 

We covered our walls with post-it notes about it...And spent insomniac nights strategizing about it …And (one of us) obsessed over it with google searches and Facebook group queries...

It’s a great topic for a podcast. It’s a big, relevant, important question that we bet almost everyone is thinking about, even if only semi-consciously

So here’s the big question: [Trumpet fanfare] Can we live together sustainably?  If so, how?  

How do we stand a chance against rising temps, rising seas, and burning forests? How do we adapt the way we live to the weird weather, the economic changes, and the social upheaval that’s getting closer every day? 

The best way we know how to try and answer this huge important question [fanfare] is to podcast about it. To talk to all the smartest, most engaged people we can find on this topic. 

So, in season 3, we invite you to come with us as we explore the way forward through climate chaos, pandemic, and economic upheaval on both a personal and a global level.  

In Season 3, We’re gonna curate conversations with the people who are living in ecovillages, designing new cities, inventing new (or unearthing old) household tech, and at the forefront of sustainability science and ancient wisdom to get answers for ourselves and for you.  

AND, because we know there is deep expertise, passion, and curiosity in our audience, we’ll be providing even more opportunities for you to share your ideas, questions, and concerns. Stay tuned to the end of this episode to hear about some of these opportunities. 

Along the way, we’ll share our story and our search for a better way to live.  We think it might be your story, too.

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