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La Peregrina: with Valerie Schutte

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Episode notes

This week Nicola is joined by author and historian Valerie Schutte to explore the history of one of the world's most famous pearls - La Peregrina, which was worn by kings and queens in paintings and apparently eaten by Elizabeth Taylor's puppy! 

Valerie Schutte earned her PhD in History from the University of Akron. She is author or editor of six books on Queen Mary I, unexpected heirs, and queens in Shakespeare. She has also published several journal articles and book chapters on Queen Mary I, royal Tudor women, history of the book, and book dedications.

Her research interests include Queen Mary I, Tudor queens, book dedications, Princess Elizabeth, and books related to Tudor kings. You can find out more about her work here - Valerie Schutte – Read about the work of historian Valerie Schutte (tudorqueenship.com).

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