Hit Different / Praise The Kid Laroi, Gabriella Cohen makes salads & Marcus Teague on Jack Ladder

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Deep into what it means to be an artist this episode as we break down the segment walls to flow from The Kid LAROI being massive, young and in the US, then Marcus Teague has been pondering auteurs through Jack Ladder's latest record and Gabriella Cohen's two sides of the coin experience.


This episode!

  1. Praise be The Kid LAROI. The 18 year old is it and a bit in the US popular music and hip hop scene. Where's he from and what's he doing exactly.
  2. The Auteur is a rare, tough and enviable label to maintain. From his article in The Guardian about Jack Ladder we find a meditation from Marcus Teague on the concept and it's possibilities.
  3. Gabriella Cohen, co-host and artist, let's us in on what lead her to her latest release Frangelico Dreams.


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