Humans Of Speedway

Paul Ackroyd

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Episode notes

In this episode we speak with one of the longest serving referees in British Speedway, and Chairman of the Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund, Paul Ackroyd.

Paul began as a fan, but eventually found his way into the referee's box, where he enjoyed a career spanning 28 years, and in the time from the early 80's to the noughties he's ruled over pretty much every name you can think of in that era. He's also taken charge of some of the biggest fixtures in British Speedway including 3 British Finals and some international test matches.

He's now the chairman on the World's only charity dedicated to helping injured speedway riders, The Speedway Ben Fund. British Speedway is the only league in the world to be able to offer help to rider injured in professional competition, and the support is crucial to those who find themselves injured.

The Ben Fund Bonanza meeting is back on the calendar for March 27th at Peterborough, and in this episode we find out more about the meeting, and reveal some more names joining the line up..!

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