Hustle & Motivate \ Inverted Leadership & The Art of Confident Humility with Joel Hawbaker

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Episode notes

<p>Joel Hawbaker is a professional speaker, award-winning teacher, and 3x Amazon best-selling author.</p> <p>Standing at just 5'3", he's fought an uphill battle to prove himself his whole life. &nbsp;From youth sports all the way to college athletics, he's shown that size isn't everything.</p> <p>These days, Joel is living his passion, teaching students of all ages about leadership and what he calls "confident humility".</p> <p><strong>SHOW NOTES</strong></p> <p><strong>[4:25]</strong> From studying to become a lawyer to becoming a teacher and coach</p> <p><strong>[10:27]</strong> How to become a professional speaker</p> <p><strong>[15:20]</strong> The challenges of writing a full-length book</p> <p><strong>[18:00]</strong> Why you NEED to read</p> <p><strong>[22:25]</strong> What "confident humility" really means</p> <p>Hustle &amp; Motivate is brought to you by <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>, the home of the underdog. &nbsp;Subscribe to our newsletter and get access to our <a href="">Underdog Secrets guide here</a>.</p> <p>Music provided by TYSHii &amp; A.N.T.</p>