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#015: CRISPR – One of the Biggest Science Breakthroughs of the Decade /w Joram Schwartzmann

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Episode notes

CRISPR is considered one of the biggest and most important scientific breakthroughs of the past decade and will probably remain the biggest science story for the foreseeable future. CRISPR could revolutionize everything from medicine to agriculture - and it has worked on every organism it’s been tried on. And with COVID-19 at our doorsteps, this is a perfect time to get acquainted with the powerful new gene-editing technology called CRISPR.

Topics covered:

  • What CRISPR is - explained in simple terms,
  • Why it’s considered to be one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs in the last decade and why it’s such a powerful tool,
  • How CRISPR actually works and in what areas it can be applied to, along with limitations,
  • How far we are from curing cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other terrible decease,
  • Discuss some of the ethical concerns that many scientists have around CRISPR and how far we humans should really go when applying this technology,
  • and so much more.


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